Friday, March 11, 2011

Adventure Cycle Event and Toxic Tour - how we can help

Dear Jim and team,

What a great honor having you out to speak with our club and to bring your community together with ours.  I like the Adventure Cycle crowd they're cool.  We should do more events together.  You had some great volunteers and all the Potomac Pedalers Touring Club members that were also AC members were all lit up.

I'm not sure if there are any loose ends but we may want to send a Thank You note to Rhodeside Grill - which si a great place to have an event - A/V equipment, downstairs reserved, a dozen monitors and nice staff.

And Jim, enjoy the rest of your time here in DC making things happen with the League of American Bicyclists Summit this week on Capitol Hill with Ray LaHood U.S. Secretary of Transportation - thanks for your important work.

Upcoming Toxic Tour on April 17th - Earth Day 2011 celebrated is a way to make your Heath, Environment and Social Consciousness show forth brightly.


Greg – you beat me to it – really nice event and the venue was perfect and the enthusiasm afterward was wonderful – thanks so much for setting up. I think in the interest of timeliness (and really relevance, since PPTC is based here), it would make sense if you or Rich wanted to do the thank you note to Rhodeside. Did you find they made their minimum? Please let me/us know on that if there is anything to cover.

Anyways, thanks and now over to Capitol Hill.

Adventure Cycle - Executive Director

St Columba's Tree Planting March 9th, 2011

 From the organizer:

Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support for our tree planting with Casey Trees on Wednesday March 9th. It was a very successful event. Casey Trees was just wonderful, lots of volunteers helped with shovels and good cheer, our families rallied to help and our schoolchildren were fabulous.

A few more trees (some fruit trees were delayed in shipping) will be planted on Friday.  We will then have added 3 Paw Paw trees, 2 River Birch, a Bald Cypress, 2 American Hornbeam (Musclewood), a Liberty Apple, an Enterprise Apple, an Elm 'Allee' and a White Swamp Oak to DC's tree canopy and our grounds.  Each of our (St. Columba's) seven classes will have a class tree, leaving 5 others up for adoption.  Of which Buildings & Grounds will likely adopt one and the Environment Committee has adopted the two Paw Paws by the parking lot, so only two-to-three trees are still wistfully waiting. Congrats  on a job well done!

Monday, March 7, 2011

I saw a woman looking distressed about something with a Bike Helmet on and possibly afraid of the Rot Weiler tied up by her parked bike.  So I kindly asked and she said - "no, I'm just looking to interview someone about the Tenley area." Conveniently I replied, my twitter name is @Tenleytowngreg - maybe I can help. So Amanda a freelance writer for Urban Turf began the conversation that brought us from old Sears residence across the street to the plethora of Business Associations that help an area flourish - coincidentally I have my hand in starting the Tenley Business Association. BTW For a local community experience visit and connect to your community online.