Friday, March 11, 2011

St Columba's Tree Planting March 9th, 2011

 From the organizer:

Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support for our tree planting with Casey Trees on Wednesday March 9th. It was a very successful event. Casey Trees was just wonderful, lots of volunteers helped with shovels and good cheer, our families rallied to help and our schoolchildren were fabulous.

A few more trees (some fruit trees were delayed in shipping) will be planted on Friday.  We will then have added 3 Paw Paw trees, 2 River Birch, a Bald Cypress, 2 American Hornbeam (Musclewood), a Liberty Apple, an Enterprise Apple, an Elm 'Allee' and a White Swamp Oak to DC's tree canopy and our grounds.  Each of our (St. Columba's) seven classes will have a class tree, leaving 5 others up for adoption.  Of which Buildings & Grounds will likely adopt one and the Environment Committee has adopted the two Paw Paws by the parking lot, so only two-to-three trees are still wistfully waiting. Congrats  on a job well done!

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